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Hemp Farm Services We Offer.

Hemp Compliance

Hemp regulatory and compliance are major hurdles to contend with if you are looking at breaking into the hemp industry. Legislation is underway to legalize hemp and cannabis production in Virginia for medicinal and recreational use.  Since 2017 Cogent Group LLC, the parent company of Sellers Farms has established a network of top level professionals to guide you in the legal, logistical and the growing aspects of hemp and cannabis to keep you out of hot water with the government in your state. Let us help you to stay in compliance and in business.

Hemp Genetics and Breeding

As the Hemp / Cannabis industry continues to grow with applications ranging from textiles to CBD and health foods to fuel, the hemp industry in the United States is booming. In order to keep up with the rapidly growing demand for seeds, hemp breeders and seed technicians are highly sought after.

Sellers Farms can provide you with an insight and consultation to help you establish the ideotype wanted to break into the hemp / cannabis market. Our consultants are certified through Cornell University in Hemp Genetics, Hemp Breeding and Selection for the best P/L and Hemp Gene editing.

Intellectual Property Protection

Developing your ideotype can be a costly and labor intensive undertaking.  You can spend 4, 6 or even 10 generations developing your ideal plant with the perfect phenotypes and disease resistance and have your development stolen by other breeders. There is no centralized regulatory agency or a national seed coop to monitor, catalog and enforce seed theft you could be out your investment and reputation.

Protect yourself and your intellectual property against theft. Let one of our consultant’s help you get the protection you need and deserve.

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