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Sellers Farms Services and Products FAQ

At Sellers Farms we are always working to bring you the latest products and information promoting health and wellness. Below you will find some answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you have a question regarding a specific application of our wellness products please use the link “Ask a Healer” or CLICK Here!!

Does Sellers Farms Grow Hemp?

We do, but only for Research and Development. Frank Sellers is a certified Hemp Geneticist through Cornell University and is always working with industry leaders to determine and develop specific phenotypes,  alelles and quantitative traits beneficial for hemp crops in Virginia. Sellers Farms has obtained a USDA farm number and is a validated Hemp grower through the Virginia regulatory agency VDACS. 

Does Sellers Farms Make Their Own Hemp Products?

No we do not, our products are made by various manufacturers such as BioSpectrum Hemp. These manufacturers comply with the strict guidelines set forth by the FDA. Our manufacturers also provide us with lab sheets and certificates of authenticity to validate the product specifications. If we did not believe in the product quality Sellers Farms would not put their name on it.

Does Sellers Farms Grow Food?

Yes we do. Sellers Farms is a small farm with big dreams. We produce basic vegetables year round and also have a small flock of chickens that produce enough eggs to bring to market.

What Services Does Sellers Farms Offer?

At Sellers Farms we offer consultation in Hemp Genetics, Hemp breeding and Selection and Intellectual Property Rights and Protection


We also offer small farm tractor services such bucket or fork work and various sized post hole digging around the Fredericksburg VA area.