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Sellers Farms is characterized by a simple approach to health and wellness.

Sellers Farms is characterized by a simple approach to health and wellness. Our philosophy incorporates a full spectrum of holistic healing practices in collaboration with modern medical approaches. Sellers Farms is a family run business and we do not use synthetic pesticides, vegetable GMO seeds and do the best we can to avoid any synthetic influences in any of our products or animal feed. Frank Sellers is a certified Hemp Geneticist through Cornell University and only uses very specific approaches to Gene modifications and manipulations for specific benefits of Hemp or Cannabis plants. Although the mere word GMO conjures up disturbing images of rats with tumors there are very beneficial applications when applied in a specific manner, like increasing anti cancer properties in specific hemp or cannabis plants.

Sellers Farms is a very small family farm with big dreams, we have always enjoyed growing and nurturing the best crops we can, that are chemically free and heirloom in nature. Starting in 2023 you will find us consistently at farmers markets in and around the Fredericksburg Virginia area please come up and say hello. Veteran Owned and Managed with Pride.


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